Family – The Dogs | Bordeaux

When we bought Jozi home we really wanted her to be a “good” dog – I didn’t want the stress of having a naughty dog digging holes and chewing everything in site.

After two days of bringing her home we went to Margie’s Dog school for training and we have been going every week since. Margie is the most magical lady who has a true passion for dogs and for training their owners. Thanks to her guidance Jozi is such a well behaved little dog (a few holes get dug here and there and a few items chewed but she can sit, stay, go down, wait, fetch and many more.

Margie asked me to come photograph her dogs for her one afternoon and I couldn’t wait to be meet her crew. She has three dogs but needed photos of her two youngest Bailey and Katie. They are golden retrievers – approximately 16 months old and just gorgeous.

Bailey is a beautiful big male with a shiny coat and a wonderful nature and Katie (the newest addition from a rescue group) is a darker colour and has such a fun personality. They are beautiful – just have a look at their photos.

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