30 March 2012

So as hard as I try get my head around the concept – the weather in the Cape is weird. I say this because in Johannesburg it rains in Summer. When I say it rains – it storms for about half an hour in the afternoon and then becomes clear and sunny again. This only happens in Summer. In Winter – it does not rain at all. However in Cape Town (only about 1000 odd km from JHB) there is no rain in Summer and then in Winter it rains none stop. Its not the type of storm the Highveld gets (which are SCARY!! Lots of lightening and thunder) The Cape storms is more a gentle heavy drizzle – that’s it!! Today we got a taste of the Winter rains. Gentle heavy drizzle! Felt like I was in England. Then in the afternoon it started clearing up – leaving behind big puddles and beautiful clouds.

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