16 February 2012

In Johannesburg, South Africa, summers have an interesting yet fairly reliable weather pattern. The days are generally hot and lovely and then in the late afternoon there is a huge thunderstorm. These normally last for 30min to an hour. Today however the heavens opened and there was a gigantic storm – wind, hail, rain, lightning and thunder. It was amazing to watch (scary but amazing) I stood outside our flat and watched the rivers along the road forming and the cars spewing up water as they drove past. This lady was very calm and just walked along with her umbrella – it was almost like she knew she could not do anything about the weather conditions – I wish more people would be humbled by mother nature instead of trying to fight it. Learn to dance in the rain 🙂

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A romantic through and through, I see beauty in everyday things and love to draw inspiration from everything I am surrounded by. I live in JHB but travel to Cape Town often. Comfortable in both urban and outdoor environments - I take a natural, fun spontaneous approach to capturing life events.