12 January 2012

Today my sister in law (who is an amazing photographer) sent me a link to a picture (http://thechive.com/2012/01/11/daily-afternoon-randomness-49-photos-72/the-humpy-dar-24/)  and told me that was my challenge. I replied saying challenge accepted but that I just needed it to rain – not thinking I would ever get this shot so was holding thumbs that the rain would stay away.  Yet at 4pm the heavens opened and it poured with rain – someone was trying to tell me something! So when hubby came home from work we spent the next hour jumping in puddles trying to get the shot, needless to say that I got filthy doing this. It was such a fun spontaneous afternoon 🙂 Thanks for the challenge SIL xxx This is my effort

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A romantic through and through, I see beauty in everyday things and love to draw inspiration from everything I am surrounded by. I live in JHB but travel to Cape Town often. Comfortable in both urban and outdoor environments - I take a natural, fun spontaneous approach to capturing life events.