1 July 2012

Mopani Leaf, Butterfly Leaf Picture, African Tree Photograph, Sun Ray photograph, South African photographer

Happy 1st of July – we are half way through the year!!! I cannot believe how quickly this year is going – it is CRAZY!!! This photograph is of a Mopani Tree leaf – they look like butterflies.  ...

26 June 2012

Bull Bull Photograph, Bird Photograph, Garden Bird, South African Bird Photographer

So I have decided that i am going to try take some cool bird pictures this week. We are off to the Kruger Park tomorrow and by trying to photograph the birds I am hoping to take more of an interest in them and become a “twitcher” – watch this space.   Here is the first one…     Thanks Ross 🙂...

Personal – Reflections in the Park | Delta Park

Yesterday Ross and I went for a walk in Delta Park (in case you haven’t noticed – I LOVE that park!) It was a beautiful evening – not a breath of wind. The lack of wind made beautiful reflections in the river. I found it quite funny how nature makes man made monstrosity’s looks pretty. Some of the photos hurt my brain as you don’t know which way is up?!   The mist as the sun goes down and the temperature drops...

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30 May 2012

Reflections Photograph, Johannesburg park Photograph, Electricity Cables, Pilons

Today is a special day for me – I remember my dad. My husband and I went for a walk in Delta Park this evening – it was beautiful! The air was very still and this made for beautiful reflection shots. Click here to see the rest of the photos.  ...