Wedding – Suvashna and Deepak | Hyatt Rosebank

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Finally the day arrived – Suvashna and Deepak’s wedding day. They got married at the beautiful and elegant Hyatt hotel, in Rosebank. Su looked absolutely breathtaking in her red bridal outfit and Deepak very handsome in his traditional regalia, fully equipped down to the “Aladdin” shoes! It was amazing to see how both families were so involved in all of the ceremonies. I love this symbolism of unity as a marriage is also the joining of two families, not only the bride and groom. I am so glad that the weather behaved itself on the day, as part of the ceremony included the traditional lighting of a fire. I am...

15 December 2012

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After last nights beautiful Mendhi tonight was the Hurdee. A ceremony whereby the bridal couple wash themselves with a tumeric paste to make them glow and in old times as a disinfectant. Suvashna had a beautiful turquoise sari on and then later changed into a yellow Sari for the ceremony. Click here to see the full post....

14 December 2012

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Today marks the start of a very exciting weekend for me. Suvashnas wedding. Tonight was her Mendhi – click here to see the rest of her amazing night.  ...

Event – Suvashnas’ Mendhi | Parktown

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I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since Suvashna and Deepak asked me to capture their wedding. Last night was the start of the celebrations. It was Suvashnas Mendhi held at her mothers house in Parktown. Even though it was pouring with rain – it was an incredibly special night. All the ladies and special family came out in their beautiful colourful, vibrant sari’s to celebrate this joyous occasion with Suvashna and her family. They hired a lady to do her Mendhi/ Henna – it was incredible to see how talented this woman was at applying the paste in such intricate patterns. I was jealous that I couldn’t...