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Apples in the Market

When we visited Paris 2 years ago one of my favourite things was the Fruit and Vegetable market that opened on a Saturday morning. Last week Thursday I had the honour of going to the BIGGEST fruit and vegetable market in Johannesburg to capture the energy and dynamic that occurs in the early morning of this incredible hub.

The Egoly agency invited me to come capture their team in action. This agency is a relatively new company, being only 2 years old, however they are already running with the top dogs. I arrived at 5am and the energy was electric – forklifts moving produce all over the show, buyers ordering the best produce of the day to go to their restaurant and/or shops, as well as people off the side of the road coming in to buy produce for their families. The produce is incredible in its bounty, colour and vibrancy.

I visited the Vegetable Hub, the Fruit Hub and the Potato and Onion Hub, it was incredible to see so many fresh vegetables and fruit in one place. I even got a lift on a fork lift up into the air to have a look at the market from the “air”.

Thank you to Danny, Gugu and the rest of the Egoly team for an incredible morning.

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