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Herd of Buffalo

A bucket list is a funny concept – I often wonder how many times people really go out of their way to cross things off their buckets lists instead of just adding things onto it continuously. This holiday was something my grandfather had on his bucket list – his whole family in the Kruger Park. When I mean the whole family there were cousins from Australia and family from Scotland and relatives from Cape Town.

The last time I saw two of my cousins was when I was 10 – so this holiday I had time to rekindle and reform a special friendship with 2 very special people who are now very good friends :). Spending 5 days in a place that I used to go to as a child with my whole family was a holiday I will never forget. We spent time together laughing, cooking, chatting, running around the camp to get fit, spotting animals and just relaxing.

I hired a big zoom lens before we went to the Kruger and had a wonderful time photographing animals. We had such good sightings – especially of lion and hyena that I didn’t really need my zoom. The Kruger Park is a beautiful place that feels like time stands still there. It is a place where you see the big 5 in their natural habitat, where you pack up your kitchen and transport yourself to a braai place such as the Timbervati spot, here you fire up the skottle, fry some bacon and egg and eat your breakfast with a view of the river bed and glossy starling birds picking up all the crumbs (we even had two bush buck that called the picnic spot their home)

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this holiday one for the memory banks, nothing can take these memories away.

Little Girl in carCars packed for holidayCousins unitedTourists in Kruger ParkElephant Chasing CarsHide Walk WayBirds at Lake Panic Hide Kruger parkYellow hornbillHorns in the grassHerd of Buffalo and ElephantsRunning WaterbuckElephant drinking by the water holeAnimals in Kruger parkFamily JumpGiraffe HeadsLilac Breasted Roller with GiraffeAnimal spotting in the Kruger ParkPanoramic view from a stop in Kruger ParkFamilyAnimal spotting in the Kruger parkRegal Bateleur EagleHyena Den with pupsHyena CuddlingFeeding a grey LourieRed billed3 men sitting on a benchHippo dam at Kruger parkAnimals in the Kruger ParkBlack Back JackalBlack Back Jackal sittingBreakfast in the Kruger ParkBreakfast in the Kruger ParkGirls sitting on a benchDrinking CoffeeGlossy StarlingLittle Girl and the StarlingsWhite Takkies and Glossy StarlingsFamily3 men on a bench with a viewFun Playing togetherGround Hornbill BirdWindmillBateleur eating preyBlack Bellied KoeranBlue sky and yellow grassFamily bondingImpala Lillysmarula nutEagle in the distanceElephant BumWarthog in WinterWhite Rhino with hornZebra loveBird at water holeFish Eagle cryingTakkies offShadowsStanley CottageSatara Camp in Kruger National parkTwo sisters on roadFauna at Satara CampParty HatsFriends doing the dishesYoung male LionBlack and white Photograph of a Male LionFemale Lions walking in a lineMale Lion in Kruger National ParkLarge male lionSunrise at Kruger ParkZebra stripesSunrise in the Kruger National Park from the carVultures in a treeVulture on a branchMale Ostrich in the kruger national parkBaby ZebraBreakfast at Timbervati Spot3 people sitting on a bench looking at a dry river bedSistersFamilyFamily reunited4 Piggy back rideFamily reunitedPiggy back rideLittle Girl Portrait PhotographsFamily ReunitedBuffalo in the Kruger parkHerd of Buffalo under Blue SkyHerd of BuffaloLeopard in the grassBaby Monkey Riding on Mothers Back

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