Personal – Watching it grow

Personal Growth, Photographers Story, Chillies, Green Beans, pepper, tomato

Ever had one of those hours, days or months where you analyse and wonder why you are doing what you are doing? Well that has been me recently. I started my photography business just over a year ago full time and I wanted to photograph everything and everyone. I wanted to busy all the time (I am one of those annoying people who cant sit still). There have been some insanely busy times as well as some quiet times.

It is in these quiet times that I struggle to understand the industry and my potential within it.

This morning I went into my garden and looked at all my vegetables growing with a little help from the sun and the rain (and a little nurturing from me 🙂 )  I felt like the little seeds starting off – it takes a while to build the confidence to burst through the wall of inadequacy in the beginning but like anything it takes time to blossom and I just need to patient.

Personal Growth, Photographers Story, Seeds, Fully grown plant

My family and friends support me and nourish me with more love, care and support than I could ever wish for. I have made very special friends and mentors who have taught me skills to enhance my work for which I will forever be grateful. Even though I have these moments of doubt I have never been happier doing what I am doing now so LIFE IS GOOD and I am going to try and enjoy the journey:-)

Personal Growth, Photographers Story, Chillies, Green Beans, pepper, tomatoPersonal Growth, Photographers Story, Tomatoes, red pepperPersonal Growth, Photographers Story, Green Beans, Peas


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A romantic through and through, I see beauty in everyday things and love to draw inspiration from everything I am surrounded by. I live in JHB but travel to Cape Town often. Comfortable in both urban and outdoor environments - I take a natural, fun spontaneous approach to capturing life events.