Kamersvol Geskenke | The Castle

Kamersvol Geskenke is by far the most amazing and the most beautiful market in the country. This market boasts South African talent at its best selling exquisite clothes, jewellery, decor, beauty and food. Whoever you are and whatever you like this is soul food by the bucket load. The Cape Town Autumn market in Cape Town is being held at The Castle on Strand Street. The Castle is steeped in history and is a beautiful old building that is the perfect host for this delightful market.

Fill up with a strong, foamy cappuccino or a glass of beautiful bubbly and hit the stores. The stores are located in marques on the grass as well in some of the side rooms.

 The guards perform a ceremony every day whereby they collect a key from the Goveners office and open the door of the Castle and send out scouts to inspect for intruders. It was wonderful to see a part of history being reinacted in this historical building. They also had the firing of a real cannon – fascinating seeing how such a small little canon can make such a noise and as I can only imagine some serious damage should there by a real canon ball in the canon.This feature is also found on Lauren Kim Food Blog

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