Event – Soweto Whisky Live Festival | UJ Campus

Glenlivet Whiskey

On Friday evening I attended the 2013 Soweto Whisky Live Festival held at the Soweto UJ campus. I always love these events seeing how every brand decorates their stands and products. The stands this year were amazing – there were bright colourful stands showcasing their Whisky’s with beautiful girls promoting each brand and everyone involved was very knowledgeable

Whiskey is a drink that varies hugely and every brand offers something different. Walking around the festival on Friday I realised what a personal thing Whiskey is, people all have their brand that they like and end up being very loyal to their brand of choice.

What I loved about Friday was that everywhere I looked people were having fun and enjoying themselves with their friends. I am sure Sandton will be as amazing – dont miss out – click here for more details.

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