Event – Daisy Androgyny Performance | Citizen Cafe

Live theatre is a wonder only those who have attended it can truly appreciate and understand. The actor/actors who put themselves up on a stage for all the world to see have my deepest respect. These individuals have an admirable trait with their ability to transform themselves into something they are not or something that they are deep down often combining these interchangeably.

I was very excited to be asked to capture and document this type of event, so on Friday night I attended the opening night of Danie Boneschans first solo performance of Daisy Androgyny. The play was based on real events and combined elements of humor, drama and music. Citizen cafe hosted the event and it was the ideal place, a place respecting that every citizen of the planet is unique, different and entitled to their own view.

The burgers were out of this world and the milk tart was the perfect ending to a wonderful cultured and thought provoking evening. Thank you to the Citizen Team, Danie and Daisy for a wonderful event. 

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A romantic through and through, I see beauty in everyday things and love to draw inspiration from everything I am surrounded by. I live in JHB but travel to Cape Town often. Comfortable in both urban and outdoor environments - I take a natural, fun spontaneous approach to capturing life events.