Event – Barista Jam Cramers Coffee | Joburg

Barista pouring frothy milk

On Friday night Ross and I went off to Cramers Coffee to join their Barista Jam (an event they held for the Joburg City Festival). Cramers Coffee is a great little coffee shop based just off Harisson street in town. Judging by their location these guys must be super busy in the mornings with all the bankers and workers getting their caffeine fix in the morning.

Before the battle of the Baristas started the owner of Cramers was helping his 5 year old son make a coffee. It was the most precious thing watching a dad and son operate a “machine” together. What was even better was the joy on his face when he produced a cappucino on his own and then he proceeded to sit on this gorgeous leather couch and drink his coffee, priceless.

What the Barista Jam was (in a nutshell) was a competition between 2 Baristas. These gentlemen are incredible with what they can do. The first competition was who made the best 4 (yes I said FOUR) cappucinos the quickest but with the best taste. These guys were grinding beans, steaming  and frothing milk, pressing buttons, clinking cups around and perfecting the frothy cappucino head. They did it in 1minute and 38 seconds – to make four??? It was really impressive.

The second challenge was four best tasting coffees with the most impressive latte art. It was a bit of a contentious issue this battle as one contestant had an automatic machine and the other had a manual machine. However these men produced strong tasting gorgeous cappucinos.

Thank you to Cramers for hosting this event – always fun to do these type of things after hours.

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