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Freddy Sam van Riebeek Grafitti

I love social media – you come across some amazing and interesting things that you may never have known existed until then. The Area 3 – Adidas Art Walk was one of those things that through a picture on twitter I found. Every Sunday at 2:30pm there is a FREE (yes FREE) art walk tour through the Maboneng area showing you all the incredible art works that have been commissioned/offered by international artists.

I love Maboneng and have been there fairly often, however this tour opened my eyes to so many more artworks that I had no idea existed. There were so many – a true outside art gallery. The pieces of work are remarkable at the artists ability to design a piece that is perfectly in scale when seen from kilometres away but it was drawn with the artist only a few centermeters away from the wall.

My favourite piece was one found on…
It was in black and white and had animals lying on a buildings lintels – it was so realistic and striking in its monochrome colours. Contrasting this painting there were beautiful vibrant artworks as well as bright and bold geometric pieces.

Will definitely be going again.

Area 3 MabonengPublic Art Walks

┬áThis was painted by a man by the name of Aleski from the Ukrain. The picture depicts a white hand trying to steal the riches of Africa (signified by the diamond) – oleskiart.┬áThis is one of their most recent paintings done in May
Aleksi Grafitti MabonengAleksi Graftti in JohannesburgThis was done by an artist named Falco who has been nicknamed the Godfather of graffiti. He is from Cape Town and was one of the artists who bought grafitti to Jozi. This painting was completed in Sept 2012.

Falco GrafittiStreet view of JohannesburgFox StreetMabonengRemmet is from Madrid and has a deep fascination with the koisan. The team from Area 3 took him to the cradle of mankind where he was inspired to paint this image

RemmetRemmet Koisan GrafittiDaleast is an international artist who is well known all over the world, this piece exhibits his ribbon style of grafitti. To see more of his work see here.Daleast Grafitti JohannesburgDaleast GrafittiFreddy Sam van Riebeek GrafittiFreddy Sam GrafittiOld Buildings in MabonengMaboneng BuildingsMaboneng GrafittiFreddy Sam Girlfriend GrafittiiArt GrafittiGrafittiOld Creche in MabonengAdidas walking tourLast Hope from Israel GrafittiMaboneng Walking TOurFreddy Sam GrafittiFreddy Sam GrafittiTourists in JohannesburgGrafitti PortraitGrafitti wallLower Ross RoadWalking tour guidePonte TowerMaboneng Walking tourWalking through mabonengMaboneng JohannesburgRun down buildingsExploring JoziStreet ViewRoa GrafittiAnimal GrafittiRoas animal grafittiMaboneng LaudretteWalkingStreetJohannesburgKimron Platta GrafittiStreet viewKimron Platter GrafittiKimron Platter GrafittiSteve Expo Powers MamamSteve espo powersHannali Cortez GrafittiMaboneng StreetWalkingWord of Art GrafittiJohannesburg ViewArt in JohannesburgLove GrafittiMarketArt in Market on mainArt pieces in market mabonegArt pieces in market mabonegFlamingo GrafittiHanneli Cortez GrafittiHanneli Cortez Grafitti in MabonengBefore i dieCeramic GrafittiGutter GrafittiLove GrafittiPink and Green GrafittiGutter GrafittiGuard House ArtGuard House ArtArtCeramic yellow birdsArtEye mosaic mabonengRun signStop signRevolution House Maboneng

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