Event – 1000 Drawings Exhibition | Newtown

1000 Drawings is an event that I heard of last year (after the exhibition) and I vowed that this year I would make sure I attended the event. I attended a lot of doodle sessions at Wolves, JHB CBD, Forsdburg and Park Cafe. Each doodle session was different and I met some amazing people attending each one including the incredible team behind 1000 drawings who do this all out of the goodness of their own hearts.

The exhibition was held at the Sci Bono Science museum in Newtown. It was the perfect venue – lots of space (perfect for the large crowd) but it had a real eclectic vibe about it especially the T-Rex that moves at the entrance and the large jetfighter that floated above the drawings. We arrived early yesterday afternoon to assist with a few things and take some images of the drawings before it got too busy. I was really glad we went early as we had enough time to have a look at the 3000 (yes that is THREE THOUSAND) drawings. The artwork was unbelievable – I cannot describe how beautiful each one was.

How the system worked was you bought an envelope with stickers for R100 per drawing – you got an hour to look around at the drawings and at 7pm you placed your sticker on the drawing you wanted – then you had to keep the matching sticker with you so when you went to collect at 8pm they could ensure you were the right person who selected that drawing. It was crazy to watch how the line was developing around certain images and how people waited around at the same image so that they could be the ONE to select their chosen drawing (me included – I even recruited my sister in law to get a picture that I really wanted ;))

There were artists walking around drawing “art” onto you with a permanent marker – my artist decided to draw me on me 😉

I had donated about 15 photographs to the exhibition as well as 3 drawings (I couldnt find one of them) but after 7pm (after I had ensured my drawings were chosen) I went to see if any of my stuff had been “sold”/chosen. I had 4 photographs and one of my drawings sold – it was so cool to know that someone liked my stuff (especially my drawing), as well as seeing my photographs from the doodle session being projected on a wall as art. The venue was packed with so many different types of people appreciating and supporting the arts. I am SO excited about the 3 drawings we bought – I cannot wait to frame them.

Thank you to Angus, Sam and their team for pulling off an amazing event (including all the build up to it) it was a wonderful evening and I am sad its all over 🙁

If you read my post about the Fordsburg Doodle session you will know one of the artists drew Ross and I 🙂 This is now OUR drawing – one of our 3 purchases. Cannot wait to have it framed.

The circular drawing below is mine 🙂 and it SOLD!

This Cape drawing was on our wish list and Ross was snubbed at the finish line when a lady stuck her sticker on it just in front of him. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Some of my photographs with a sticker (meaning its sold 🙂 )

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