Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding

1. What type of photography do you do?

I am a “natural light” photographer – this means that I do not do studio work. Rather, I love being outside or on location capturing the environment with you as your natural self – no harsh posing and artificial light. For my relaxed and natural style of photography, taking photographs in a location that symbolises and reflects you as an individual is key.

My photography ranges across Weddings, Families, Couples, Events, Newborns, Interior and Food.

2. Do you photograph with an assistant?

When photographing a wedding I have an assistant/ second shooter that assists me. He or she will cover the groom preparations and other aspects of the day while I stay with the bride.

I do not have an assistant for family, couple or event shoots.

3. What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

Mother Nature is uncontrollable and as such, we have no idea what the weather will hold on the day of the shoot. Don’t be put off by overcast weather, it’s great for photographs – the light is softer and more flattering. Rain, however, is another whole story. Should there be rain on the day of your shoot, there are two options:

a.) We can move the shoot to an indoor location – this still allows for great photographs.

b.) We can reschedule the shoot to a time and date that suits both you and me, as per Question 4.

4. Are you willing to travel for a Wedding?

YES. I want to capture memories all over the world. Please contact me should you wish to enquire about your Destination Wedding.

5. How does your travel and accommodation work for Weddings?

Each package includes 30km of free travel from the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Over and above that I charge defined AA travel rates to and from the location. If the destination is more than 1 hour outside of Cape Town I may require 1 night’s accommodation. Accommodation more than 3 hours from Cape Town will require 2 night’s accommodation, i.e. one prior to and one after the event. This is not to enjoy a free holiday at your expense but rather to ensure that my assistant and I are fresh and rested for your wedding opposed to being exhausted and drained after driving to get to you on the day.

6. Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately not, this is my job and one does not ask for a discount from Pick n Pay when doing your grocery shopping.

However, keep an eye out for seasonal specials such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

7. Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A 50% deposit of the package chosen is required to secure the date and time for you.

8. What methods of payment do you take?

EFT is my preferred form of payment. Cash is only accepted for one-hour shoots based on prior arrangement.

I do not accept cheques or credit card payment.

9. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do. I understand that weddings are an expensive event that only happens once in a life time. Please contact me for further details regarding payment plans

10. Can I get a refund if I cancel my wedding?

Unfortunately not. The 50% deposit is non-refundable and if the wedding is cancelled within 4 weeks of the planned date you are obligated to 100% of the fee.

11. Do you photograph Jewish/ Hindu/ Traditional/ Christian/ Muslim/ Non-Religious/ Same Sex Weddings?

Yes. I am here to capture you and your future husband/wife in LOVE. I have photographed a variety of different weddings which makes me so happy as well as broadening my horizons to the world’s wonderful diversity.

12. How long will it take to receive my photographs?

Your photos will be delivered within 8 weeks. I generally try for this time frame to be less than 8 weeks but it definitely will not be more 🙂

13. What do you do to ensure we do not lose our photographs? And how long do you keep them for?

The minute I am back in the office after your shoot I download the images onto 3 different portable and permanent hard-drives. This is to ensure that if one hard drive crashes there are still two more drives available with your images.

I keep your photos for as long as feasible with my available storage space, depending on future shoots. However please make sure you copy your images onto your own computers (maybe even to your mom’s)!

14. Below is an example of a Timeline for your wedding day

Please bear in mind that this is just a guide line 🙂

1.00: Photographer to take photos of reception decor for 20 minutes, photographer arrives with bride to take photographs of details and candid shots of the bride with her bridesmaids

1.20: Finishing touches of hair/makeup to bride – Bridesmaids’ hair and make up all done. Bridesmaids to get into their dresses and to help clean the room

2:00:Bridesmaids to  help the bride get into her dress

2:00: Bride and Bridesmaids Portraits (with parents)

3.30: Ceremony

4.15: Meet and Greet with all your guests (20 minutes is a good estimate with 100 guests)

4.40: Family photos

5.00: Photos with bridal party

5.30: Photoshoot with couple

6.15: Sundown

6.30: Couple enters reception

07:00 Speeches & Meal

09:00 First Dance

09:30 Tossing the garter and bouquet

09:45 Party Time