Frequently Asked Questions – Family & Newborn

1. What type of photography do you do?

I am a “natural light” photographer – this means that I do not do studio work. Rather, I love being outside or on location capturing the environment with you as your natural self – no harsh posing and artificial light. For my relaxed and natural style of photography, taking photographs in a location that symbolises and reflects you as an individual is key.

My photography ranges across Weddings, Families, Couples, Events, Newborns, Interior and Food.

2. Do you photograph with an assistant?

I do not have an assistant for family, couple or event shoots.

3. What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

Mother Nature is uncontrollable and as such, we have no idea what the weather will hold on the day of the shoot. Don’t be put off by overcast weather, it’s great for photographs – the light is softer and more flattering. Rain, however, is another whole story. Should there be rain on the day of your shoot, there are two options:

a.) We can move the shoot to an indoor location – this still allows for great photographs.

b.) We can reschedule the shoot to a time and date that suits both you and me, as per Question 4.

4. What happens if I need to reschedule, for any reason?

Life is a funny thing and sometimes regardless of how much planning you do things happen out of your control. I am more than happy to reschedule your shoot as long as the shoot is booked within the next two months.

5. Where do you photograph newborns?

I chose to come to your house. I find that capturing your beautiful new child it is a lot easier for everyone (mom, dad and the little one) to be in a familiar environment with everything you need close at hand. e.g. Nappies, new clothes, rocking chair etc. There is no place like home and to have memories in your own home is priceless.

I photograph the precious bundles on your main bed. The best way is to put a plain white fitted sheet on the bed and remove all the blankets and pillows so that all that is remaining is the pure white sheet. White is a pure, simple colour that creates timeless elegant photographs.

6. What should we wear?

There is no rule on what you should/ should not wear. My recommendation is to wear items of clothing that showcase who you make you feel incredible. If you feel beautiful your photographs will reflect that 🙂 If you would like some suggestions to have a look at my Pinterest board here.

7. What if my baby sleeps all the time or cries all the time?

Every parent is worried that their child will not “behave” on the day. This is not something that can be planned or foreseen. I fit into your schedule and routine. I advise doing the photoshoot after they have had a nap and been fed – this is when they are their happiest. However, never fear you will still get beautiful images.

8. How many people can we have in our photoshoot?

There is no limit to how many people can attend the photoshoot. Please, however, bear in mind that the more people involved the longer the photoshoot will need to be. This is to ensure we get enough combinations of all the family member e.g. Grandparents and Grandchildren, Parents and Children, Mom and Daughter, Dad and son etc.

My recommendation is to average 8 people family shoot can be achieved in 1 hour. More than that would require another hour.

9. Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately not, this is my job and one does not ask for a discount from Pick n Pay when doing your grocery shopping.

However, keep an eye out for seasonal specials such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

10. Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A 50% deposit of the package chosen is required to secure the date and time for you.

11. What methods of payment do you take?

EFT is my preferred form of payment. Cash is only accepted for one-hour shoots based on prior arrangement.

I do not accept cheques or credit card payment.

12. Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately not for Newborns or Family Shoots.

13. How long will it take to receive my photographs?

Your photos will be delivered within 6 weeks. I generally try for this time frame to be less than 6 weeks but it definitely will not be more 🙂

14. What do you do to ensure we do not lose our photographs? And how long do you keep them for?

The minute I am back in the office after your shoot I download the images onto 3 different portable and permanent hard-drives. This is to ensure that if one hard drive crashes there are still two more drives available with your images.

I keep your photos for as long as feasible with my available storage space, depending on future shoots approximately 1 year. However please make sure you copy your images onto your own computers (maybe even to your mom’s)!