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Lemon Curd Recip

Lemon Curd Recip

When I was growing up my grandparents lived in Zimbabwe and we would go and visit them during the holidays. There were so many things I loved about visiting them including prancing around like a princess wearing my Nana’s high heels around the house while wearing as many necklaces and clip on earrings as I could pile on.

Another vivid memory of visiting Nana and Grandad was Nana’s Lemon Curd. I would go help her pick the lemons off the lemon tree in the backyard and then sit on a chair in the kitchen watching her cook this yellow sunshine mixture on a double boiler over the stove. It was a treat every morning having toast and lemon curd – this buttery, tart, sweet mixture that was heaven to taste. It is now something that I make myself (I have a lemon tree in the garden that is slowly producing lemons :))

This yummy tasting yellow mixture will always remind me of my very special Nana.



3 Eggs (beaten very well)

200g White Sugar

100g Butter or Margerine

3 Lemons – Juiced and zested

1 tsp Gelatine (optional – add to lemon juice)

(There are 3 methods of making Lemon Curd – on a double boiler, in the microwave or in a thermomix – I have written all the methods here – see below)


1. Put butter, lemon juice and sugar in the bowl. Cook at 90 degrees for 3 minutes – or until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Increase the speed to Speed 5 and set the temperature to 100 degrees and slowly add the beaten egg.

3. Cook at 100 degrees, speed 5 for 10 minutes until the lemon curd thickens.

4. Pour into sterilised jars.


1. Melt Butter, sugar and lemon juice in a double boiler

2. When sugar is dissolved add the beaten egg and whisk well

3. Stir contineously until the mixture is thick (approximately 10 minutes)

4. Pour into sterilised jars while still hot


1. Place butter, sugar and lemon juice and lemon zest in a large bowl. Cook uncovered for 3 minutes stirring halfway through

2. Pour into beaten eggs and whisk well. Cook for 5 minutes (or until the lemon curd thickens) – stirring every minute

3. Pour into sterlised jars

Lemon Curd spread

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