Family – Shulze | Craigavon

I first met Shelley when I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing 5 day old baby Reese. (click here to see her photos) Reese is now 3 months old and she is so cute, growing by the day and getting cuter and cuter. This time around I managed to meet the men of the family. Shelley had organised a double shoot as her best friend and her baby (Sam and Reese are 3 days apart) were in JHB so it was an action filled afternoon – to see Baby Sams photos click here.  Luke is the cutest little boy who loved my camera (especially when he could see his photo on my screen).  Being able to document a family in their own home with their own toys and quirks is such a blessing. Luke is a very brave little monster jumping high on the trampoline and gardening in the garden.

More about Lauren

A romantic through and through, I see beauty in everyday things and love to draw inspiration from everything I am surrounded by. I live in JHB but travel to Cape Town often. Comfortable in both urban and outdoor environments - I take a natural, fun spontaneous approach to capturing life events.