12 December 2012

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Today I had the privelage of photographing two amazing people for their engagement. To see the full story Click here.  ...

Couple – Ashik & Sariksha | WITS

Steps, Sitting, Hindu Photographer, Engagement, WITS University, Johannesburg, Photographer, Indian, Natural, Beautiful, Couple Photographer

On Tuesday I met my beautiful bride at her venue to do a run through of her wedding this weekend. While I was with her I met her future brother in law and fiance and they had seen the photo’s I took of Suvashna’s and Deepak. Subsequently they really wanted to book a shoot with me while they were up in JHB from KZN. I was super super excited to do this for them 🙂 so we did it the next day! We decided on WITS main campus as the location of the shoot. I think I can honestly say that I haven’t laughed with clients like this ever on...