Llandudno beach


Family – De Vaal | Llandudno

Photographing other photographers is always scary – luckily Lerika is the most wonderful person and has the most gorgeous family. Those little boys melt your heart and are super goodlooking (photographers dream). Even though they came to Cape Town in Summer the weather on the day we did the shoot was horrid – VERY cold and VERY windy. Thanks my friend for being so wonderful – never stop. You and your family are incredible....

Couple – Chris and Kate | Llandudno Beach

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I first met Kate years at Morgan Bay where we would meet up every year. My memories of Kate are of happy smiles, love and of always being so thoughtful towards everyone. Her and Chris had an amazing adventure working in Australia for two and a half years but their hearts always remained back in South Africa and they were adamant that they would return to the mother city of Cape Town which they have done. Before they left Australia Chris proposed to Kate but in the run around of settling back into living in SA they had not got round to having an engagement party or anything. I flew down to...